Start Here – A Mama’s Journey

She paces back and forth, again and again, her one-year-old daughter on her hip. With each prayer that goes forth from the microphone, she whispers in her baby’s ear simplified versions of those amplified prayers. “Shine Your light, Jesus.” She grabs a…


Hedge Evening Watch

As November draws to a close, the first corporate Hedge Evening Watch (HEW) comes to an end. The Hedge Evening Watch began as a flash of divine inspiration – a spark that ignited a small flame in September as Kevin and I…


Prayer Books

Prayer Books PRAYER BOOKS are great for both getting prayer subject matter and prayer language in front of your child, no matter what age your child may be. Plus, they are portable! PRAYER BOOKS can be used in corporate prayer settings as…


The Language of Prayer

So, you’ve hung your prayer wall up. Now what? Once you’ve narrowed down WHAT to pray FOR, you have to help equip you children with WHAT to SAY. Prayer becomes intimidating for anyone – no matter what age- when you don’t quite…

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