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Videos to Connect with Jesus

I’ve created some videos to help children connect with Jesus in the secret place. If using your imagination to fellowship with the Lord is an unfamiliar concept for you, check out this article which goes into it more in-depth. Our imaginations were created by God for God. It is a good and holy thing to use them to connect with Jesus. Children are experts at using their imaginations and often this comes much easier to

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Health Declaration

If you enjoy decreeing the morning and nighttime declarations with your children, you might want to hang this health declaration up and say it with them on a regular basis. I believe the persistent declaration of God’s Word played a large part in the healing of my body. Teaching your children to speak life over their health is great training for their future. This next generation must stand in their authority as children of God

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Nighttime Declaration for Children

Is nighttime a struggle for your family? Do your children have bad dreams or are they plagued with fear at night? Our children have been saying the morning declaration each day before they go to school, and we’ve noticed the difference it makes in attitudes as we file out the door. (I say it too!) We wanted to incorporate a nighttime declaration as well to combat fear after that sun goes down. “When you lie

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A Morning Declaration

Here’s a declaration my children say before heading out the door to school. I anoint each child with oil on their way out the door and they speak this forth into their day. I’ve found it helps me to renew my mind each morning and frame my thoughts with Kingdom realities. I hope this blesses you as well. If you found this helpful, also check out this article.

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Practical Steps
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Moments with Jesus Encounter Bible – Get it NOW!

I haven’t run across a resource that I’ve been so excited to endorse as The Moments with Jesus Encounter Bible by Bill Johnson and Eugine Luning. I’m not an affiliate. I don’t make a penny from this recommendation. I am just ecstatic about this children’s Bible. The Moments with Jesus Encounter Bible is unlike any other children’s Bible I’ve ever come across. Most children’s Bibles contain an array of Biblical stories told in various ways,

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