Printable Resources

Printable Resources

Here are some printable resources for your family to use and share. Feel free to use the following to color your prayers and add fun to your prayer times. Browse our website for tons of ideas on praying for nations, orphans, families, and more. Enjoyable prayer is the goal and we’re here to help you achieve it.

Circle A Prayer

This sheet is perfect for younger children. They can circle and draw their prayer.


Prayer Maps

Use these printable maps to color prayers. These maps have the meanings of colors right there on them as well as pictures of people from that region to help children connect beyond the abstract contract. For more information about how to color prayer, see this article.




North America

South America

The Middle East


Prayer Labels

Use these prayer labels as reward stickers after your child prays. We use them in the classroom after a “rapid fire” prayer time on the microphone.






Prayer Stickers

Praying with stickers is tons of fun, but it’s not always possible to find stickers that fit what you’re looking for. What do you do then? Create what you need! Use these prayer labels as stickers when you can’t find ones that fit. Simply buy printable labels that go along with this template. (You can find them at the dollar store.)

Send Your Fire

Break In

Pour Out Your Spirit

Let Your Kingdom Come

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