Freedom – For the Sake of Your Children

Freedom – For the Sake of Your Children

First and foremost, freedom in your home begins with freedom in YOU, on the inside. We cannot expect to shift the spiritual atmosphere around our children if we are don’t have inner depth ourselves, or if we are bound.

Your freedom is the next generation’s pathway. 


The best thing you can do for your children is pursue freedom. In doing so, you clear a path for them to run unhindered. It’s not just about your happiness (although you are worth fighting for). It’s about creating a space for the generations after you to reach their full potential in God.

A Mama or Daddy parenting without chains from the past, walking in the freedom Christ provides, and fully content with the leadership of God in their lives creates an accurate view of the Kingdom of God. It’s worth the work.

All of us have heart wounds. No one escapes from this fallen world unscathed. Hurt people hurt people. They hurt us. And that hurt is REAL. It cannot be ignored; It must be dealt with. You can only ignore it so long before it begins to fester and infect everything in your life.

It is not selfish to pursue your freedom. It is a key to unlocking bondage in your children’s lives as well. It’s imperative.

So, what do you do with those heart wounds? How do you break free from the hurts of your childhood? Your young adulthood? Yesterday?

The good news is that Jesus is so good at healing hearts. Out of everything He does, this miracle of transforming us on the inside inspires wonder in me the most. There is freedom awaiting you. JOY. Peace. There is healing. And healed people heal people.

For some in depth inner healing, we recommend the book Sozo Saved Healed Delivered by Teresa Liebscher and Dawna DeSilva and/or Fishers of Men Discipleship Training by Michele Pyatt. 

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