Leading Children Into the Secret Place

Leading Children Into the Secret Place

Taking Prayer Caves to the Next Level

Leading children into the secret place opens up the door to friendship and fellowship with God.

The following is a guest article written by Michele Pyatt, the founder of Dance Again Ministries. Michele and her husband Mark have three children. The Lord has worked in her heart through His healing power and has taught her tangible ways to live everyday growing and abiding in Him. Her passion is to see others – including children- set free by the love of Jesus.

Our Secret Place

The bible says that he who dwells in the ‘secret place’ of the Most High, shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. (Psalm 91) 

The bible says that nothing can come over us in this place. We are perfectly protected from evil, the wicked ways of this world. Not even a negative thought can come over us in this place.

The bible says that we can stay here.

This place is referred to as a secret because it is a secret from Satan.  Satan does not know about this place nor can he get into this place.

This is where we hear from the Lord. See Him through the eyes of our hearts. Where our hearts desires become His. And where we receive from Him. 

Our secret place, is our engaging and being in tune to the presence of the Holy Spirit.

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Using Our Imaginations for God

Our imaginations were created to be used for God.  

Before the fall, Adam and Eve used their imaginations only for God.  

After the fall, just like every other part of their being, Adam and Eve’s imaginations became defiled.  We are all born into this fallen world with imaginations being used in ways other than what it was created for.

By practicing using our imaginations for God, we will develop a new habit of seeing.  Seeing through the eyes of our heart is using our imagination for God.

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Leading Someone into Their Secret Place

Say the following:

I’m going to pray over you first then I will ask you to keep your eyes closed while I lead you into your secret place with the Lord.

Father God, thank you Lord for who you are and for what you have done for us by the cross. Thank you for making a way for us to see you, hear you and know you.  Lord, our heart longs for you and we are coming here together seeking you for your heart, for your love. Lord prepare our hearts to hear from you so that we may receive your love.  Lord, change our hearts so that our hearts desires become yours. We thank you for what we are about to receive. In Jesus Name, amen.

Keep your eyes closed and use your imagination to go to a place that you long to go to.  This can be a place that you’ve been before or a place where you’ve always wanted to go. This place is a place where you are perfectly comfortable, perfectly safe and free to be you.  Pause 

Now I want you to choose to find a place to sit.  Are you sitting on a blanket? On a mountain? In a chair?

Look around and notice what you are seeing, take it all in.

Pay attention to all of your senses. 

What smells do you smell?

What colors do you see?

What activity is going on around you?  

What do you hear?  Do you hear the trickle of a water stream?  A wave of an ocean? Birds or other animals?  

Look up at the sky, what does the sky look like.  Are there puffy white clouds?  

What time of day is it?  How can you tell?

What is the temperature?

What are you wearing? Are you bare foot?  

Now I want you to begin thanking the Lord for this place.  

Thank Him for creating this place just for you, perfectly created just for you because He loves you and because He knows you.

While you are thanking the Lord in your mind, I also want you to begin paying attention to your breathing.  

As you inhale, pay attention that you are inhaling the Spirit of God.  

As He flows through your veins, I want you to know exactly where He is flowing through you.  I want you to feel the warmth of His Spirit flowing from your head to your toes.  

As He is flowing through you, if He passes a place in your body that is hurting, I want you to ask Him to heal that specific area. 

As you exhale, I want you to be aware that you are exhaling Life, power. 

As you exhale, you notice that the environment begins to change.  

How is the environment changing?  Are flowers beginning to bloom? Are the waves getting higher or smaller?

Now I want you to invite Jesus to come sit by you.  I want you to choose to see Jesus as a man, fully human.

As you see Jesus in the distance walking toward you, I want you to see yourself getting up and walking toward Him as if you’re meeting Him half way.

When you walk up to Jesus, I want you to look Him in the eyes and say, “Thank you Lord for coming.”

Now I want you to see you and Jesus walking to where you were sitting and have a seat with Him.

When you are sitting down, I want you to ask Jesus if He will hold your hand.

You can choose to snuggle up next to Him too, like John did in the picture of the Last Supper.

When you’re sitting next to Jesus and you are so close to Him that you’re touching, I want you to ask Him a question.

After you have led the class into their secret place, use the current lesson that you are on to lead the class into an inner healing or exercise.

Following are examples of fun questions to ask Jesus:

  • If I were a crayon in a crayon box, what color would I be?  Why?
  • If you wanted to sing a song to me right now, what song would you sing?  Why?
  • If I were an animal, what animal would I be?  Why?
  • If I were a dog, what kind of dog would I be?  Why?
  • If you wanted to play a game with me, what game would we play?
  • If I were a flower, what flower would I be?  Why?
  • Lord what color are your eyes?  Why?
  • If I were a room in a house, what room would I be?
  • If I were a body of water, would I be a lake, river, stream or ocean etc.?
  • Lord will you describe your love for me in a dance move?
  • Lord will you show me a picture that describes your love to me?
  • Lord what is one word that describes your love to me?
  • Lord what lie am I believing that is not true about me?
  • Lord what is true about me?
  • Lord, what thought has occupied my mind today?  Is that thought from you?
  • Lord how do you feel about the children who are hungry in this world?
  • Lord will you show me what you look like when you are with our Father and you are asking Him if it’s time for you to come again?  Are you excited to come again? Lord, this is what I look like when I am talking to our Father about you coming again.
  • Lord will you show me the room you’ve prepared for me in heaven?
  • Lord will you take a walk with me on the beach?  What do you want to show me?
  • Lord will you take a walk with me through the woods?  What do you want to teach me about your creation?
  • Lord what do I love most about you?
  • Lord what is your favorite characteristic about me?  Why did you give me that gift?
  • Lord will you show me a picture of me being free?  When was the last time I felt that way?
  • Lord will you dance with me?
  • Lord will you show me a picture of the new garment that you have dressed me in?    
  • Lord if I were a gem stone, what gem stone would I be?  Why?
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