Praying for You Children: An Invitation

Praying for You Children: An Invitation

Praying for my children is a mandate on my life.

Teaching children to pray is so very important, but it is greatly amplified when I practice what I preach. When I pray. For them.

When I first started doing HEW, the one-hour watches seemed like large blocks of empty space, filled with short phrases and then silence in between. They stretched on and I checked the clock to see how much time was left. Five minutes later, I checked it again.


But it counted. Every weak, fumbling prayer counted. Indeed, it counts, since prayers never die. It’s still counting. Still making impact like ripples in the water. My voice still sounds forth.

Over time, things shifted. A boldness began to arise in me, and with it a longing. My HEW times became a place of refuge, a place of encounter. I knew that I would meet God there, and so I began counting down the hours UNTIL I would HEW. Until I would meet with the King in this profound way.

Has praying for one hour every other night during HEW months changed things?

I can say emphatically “YES!” There have been many answered prayers, increased peace in our home, dreams released, commitments made. YES!

But even more than seeing answered prayers, I am exponentially grateful for the one thing that has changed the most: me.

As I HEW, I behold Him. When praying, I am becoming more like Him with each watch. My priorities shift, my worries fade, my confidence in the Lord is boosted, my inner man strengthened. I look at my children differently, though larger lenses of Jesus. I respond differently.

This is what the place of prayer can do, if we let it. He rubs off on us, then we rub Him off on others. It’s the fellowship with my Beloved that I crave. Together we speak forth His heart and promises over my children. Together. It’s that togetherness that makes this far more than some religious duty, infinitely deeper than something to check off a list. I want to be with Him where He is, and look! There He is, speaking destiny over my children. Calling them forth. Breathing life. Demolishing obstacles that hold them back. Birthing purpose in them.

This is a Divine privilege. It’s worth giving up an hour of Netflix or scrolling. It’s worth saying no to somethings because I’m saying yes to Him. It’s worth it.

The Hedge Evening Watch is not the only way to war for your children, and perhaps it isn’t the path He is calling YOU on at this particular time. No judgey eyes here!  Go with the Holy Spirit wherever He leads. But maybe He is issuing you an invitation. Maybe He is saying “Rise up my love, my fair one, and come away.”  (Song of Solomon 2:10) If He is, what will you answer?

You can find more information about the Hedge Evening Watch and how to sign up here.

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